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BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor 6.2.11

Android,Photography, Meitu Technology

Download BeautyPlus apk - Easy Photo Editor for Android

BeautyPlus apk -Editor will help young people create beautiful photos, natural and easy way video recording and convenient. BeautyPlus-Edit helps you customize pictures of: erase the points are not satisfied on the face, smooth skin, big eyes, teeth whitening, select your favorite eye color, and more specifically still more features help you take a selfie one perfect picture. BeautyPlus manufacturers are building complete with the comments of the leading makeup artists, photographers, and talented staff. BeautyPlus apk Editor is a photo editing tool easy to use, and you will love from the first time.

Download Beautyplus Apk

Download Beautyplus Apk

Beautyplus apk Screenshot

Beautyplus apk Screenshot

Beautyplus apk features:

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  • Assistant of the skin: Additional features lightening, help your face more radiant, smooth skin function, Erase those problems such as acne and other skin problems with just one touch.
  • Perfect eye: Erase the puffiness and dark circles, eye color Choose right fit hair color to express individuality.
  • Charming smile: Features and light whitening your teeth naturally and easily a perfect smile every time selfie will help you shine in the picture.
  • Automatic calibration (new feature) is integrated many functions to beautify your photos and videos instantly. Just choose your favorite template that can be taken just gorgeous selfie photos or video with just one tap.
  • Magic paintbrush with templates: Glow, Neon, Star, Heart and many other models will make you satisfied with the photos selfie.
  • Blur: Blur pixels. Just swipe your finger to choose.
  • Crop the photo: the perfect image of the trim and subtle angles. Press to adjust the size and angle.
  • Ministry filters: from romantic to lively, and many other special effects
  • Zoom, Stretch, and rotate features
  • improve the image quality of the camera before and after
  • Timer shooting function
  • Identification multifaceted help all of them beautiful in every picture.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment perfect.
  • Easy to share publicly on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat with BeautyPlus apk.
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BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor What's New

1. Added new automatic makeup application feature

2. Bug fixes and performance improvements

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